HBO's Civil War drama, 'Game of Thrones' and hacking scandal targeted

By James Hibberd
September 17, 2017 at 08:43 PM EDT

Emmy host Stephen Colbert threw almost as many jokes at HBO during Emmy opening as he did at President Trump.

The CBS Late Show host at the 69th annual prime-time ceremony got in several digs at the typically awards-dominating cable network, whose biggest hit, Game of Thrones, is sitting on the sidelines this year due airing its recent seventh season past the Emmy eligibility cutoff. (Thrones has won 38 Emmys total, an industry series record.)

First up during an opening skit, Colbert was joined by Black-ish star Anthony Anderson and Mom star Allison Janney, when this exchange happened:

Janney: “Things are crazy out there. Sea levels are rising, our leaders are fighting, and I heard HBO is bringing back the Confederacy.”

Anderson: “What? Aw hell no. I’m canceling my subscription! Well, as soon as Game of Thrones is done.”

That led into a bunch of gushing crosstalk about GoT capped by Janney blurting out praise for “Jon Snow’s butt.”

(Confederate, of course, is HBO’s controversial upcoming series from the creators of Game of Thrones that imagines a modern-day America if the South had won the Civil War.)

During the monologue, Colbert also told the celebrity crowd: “Don’t forget to thank everybody who helped you get here — namely Game of Thrones for not being eligible.”

Then, after some praise for Netflix, Colbert circled back for another HBO joke: “Premium cable has a ton great shows. I’m sure HBO will take home a lot of Emmys tonight — which they’ll have to melt down to pay for next year’s hacker ransom.”

Yet Colbert through HBO plenty of love too. The host partnered with HBO’s Westworld for a sketch spoofing the sci-fi hit.

Of course, the president was Colbert’s biggest target. And we have all those jokes here.