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It’s been more than three decades since the late John Ritter won an Emmy for his role in Three’s Company. But his son, Jason, can never forget that little statuette.

Jason, 37, spoke to PEOPLE at the annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles, where he opened up about his fascination with his father’s gold statuette as a kid.

“My dad’s Emmy was on the shelf, and I remember sort of playing with it. I’m not 100 percent sure if I broke it, or what, but it definitely was broken at a certain point,” he said. “I definitely have guilty feelings and memories about it, so I think I did break it a little bit. Just the tip of the wing.”

He said he remembered staring at the award, “looking at the balls inside of the big globe and the wings and just sort of being [like], ‘What is this?’

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Jason added that he can’t remember whether John got the statuette fixed. But the famed actor likely wasn’t too mad, as Jason was only 4 years old at the time.

John died suddenly from an arterial problem in September 2003. He was 54.

This weekend, Jason was up for his own Emmy for his role in go90’s Tales of Titans. He told PEOPLE “it was sort of crazy” to find out about the nomination.

“It’s nice to do these things and they’re so much fun, and then to have them actually get out and be recognized is really exciting and nice,” he said.

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