Samantha Bee has become a celebrated figure in late-night TV ever since Full Frontal With Samantha Bee debuted on TBS in 2016 — and now, she has a new Emmy nod to further affirm the series’ stellar reputation: Full Frontal received the Best Variety Talk Series nomination Thursday.

“Hearing people’s happy voices outside my office right now makes me feel so happy,” Bee tells EW. “Our writers are incredible. The producers, the field team, the correspondents, the digital department, our directors — all incredible. To have everybody be recognized across the board means so much to me. Everyone’s getting grilled cheeses as a result!”

Full Frontal originally launched smack-dab in the middle of the 2016 presidential primaries. Bee mocked pretty much every candidate at one time or another, but toward the end of the election, she had become an outspoken advocate for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. In this new era of politics, where the news cycle feels like it moves a mile a minute, Bee admits that “it’s hard to take a moment to sit back on your haunches and say, ‘That was great.'” However, she is proud of one of her show’s most upfront confrontations with President Donald Trump: The Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner special back in April.

“That was a big moment for us,” Bee says. “We all came together, moved the show to a different location, and everyone here was working at full capacity in Golden Globe excellence the entire time. It was such a fun and gratifying experience. I did love that.”

And although Bee and her team are excited about this Emmy nomination, their second total after being nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series last year, they’re only allowing a short time for celebration — they still have a show to make for next week, after all.

“We have some really exciting moments coming up, that I’m really excited to show people,” Bee says. “I love all of it, the whole experience. But I’m literally always thinking toward the next Wednesday.”

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