Nicole Kidman picked up her second Emmy nomination Thursday morning, this time for Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie for her work in HBO’s Big Little Lies.

“It really connected. People really got it,” Kidman told EW less than an hour after getting the news. The Emmy voters certainly did: Not only was Kidman nominated, she’ll be going up against her co-producer and costar, Reese Witherspoon, in the same category, and fellow cast members Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, and Alexander Skarsgard were nominated in supporting ones. In fact, the series scored 16 total nominations. “It’s just unheard of! It’s a shared victory and a shared joy.”

Kidman’s only recently returned from being on vacation with Witherspoon, and had already been in contact with her fellow nominee. “We texted,” she laughed. “We’re so modern.”

But the real question is, doesn’t all this Emmy love mean they have to do a season 2 of Big Little Lies? “It inches us closer,” Kidman says. “But so much of it is trying to stay true to the characters and their voices. If we can do it, then it will be done. I believe their stories warrant it and I don’t want to abandon them. We don’t want to sell them short, either. But I’m hoping we can find it if we take the leap.”

In the meantime, there’s some celebrating to be had come Emmy night on Sept. 17. “This really feels like one of those moments — we’re going to really enjoy this. It started with friendships and the friendships are strong. It’s one of those times where nothing like this has happened before,” she laughed. “We’ll all be there holding hands.”

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