July 13, 2017 at 03:26 PM EDT

The Handmaid’s Tale executive producer Bruce Miller was sitting with his wife and daughter Thursday morning as he watched and marveled as his series rack up 13 nominations.

“It’s awesome in the awestruck way,” he told EW. “It’s been amazing to see everyone get recognized, especially in the company of all these other amazing shows that I look up to and enjoy so much. People are doing such incredible work. It’s a really fun time to be in television.”

The Handmaid’s Tale‘s nods include Best Drama Series, Best Actress for Elisabeth Moss (who also is a producer), Best Supporting Actress for Ann Dowd (“It couldn’t happen to a nicer woman or a mean character,” said Miller), and Alexis Bledel for Best Guest Actress. It’s the most nominations Hulu has ever received.

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Miller said that he and Moss had been texting, but mostly just emojis. (When asked about a Handmaid emoji, Miller responded, “The only one I can do is the two hands and then a bee for Praise Be.”) He had yet to speak to acclaimed writer Margaret Atwood, from whose 1985 book the series is adapted. “All along the way Margaret has been so involved and so generous. She’s the inventor. She’s the creator of this world. We’re all living in Margaret’s vision. And Lizzy’s performance is a masterclass and amazing to watch. She and Margaret are the people who deserve a large share of the acclaim.”

In 2017, The Handmaid’s Tale has taken on a particularly large amount of resonance for many of its viewers. “I couldn’t have imagined it,” Miller said. “You hope it’s as resonant as the book. The book is such an ongoing inspiration to so many people.But I’m glad to be a part of anything that gets people more involved and talking about issues and how they feel they are treated. Those things are wonderful conversations to have.”

The show will go back into production in September. “While people are saying such wonderful things about season 1, I’m terrified about season 2. I’m feverishly working on it,” he said.

Miller couldn’t get into specifics about what we could look forward to but allowed: “We still have lots of Margaret’s world to explore and we’ve been very happy with so much stuff we’ve found digging around the book. It’s all still coming out of that world.”

Laughing, he added, “And, we read the newspaper.”

The 69th annual Primetime Emmy Awards, hosted by Stephen Colbert, will take place on Sunday, Sept. 17, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and will be broadcast live nationwide on CBS.

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