It is a massive undertaking that requires a Stevie Nicks dance party, forced insomnia, and the stamina to do a whole lot of sitting.

Dedicated fan Ellen Lloyd (@eel8) took up EW‘s challenge and livetweeted through an entire day’s worth of Emmy-nominated shows featured in the EW 24-Hour Binge Guide, with the Twitter time stamps to prove it. And Lloyd wasn’t messing around. Per the guide’s eating and drinking requests during various shows, Lloyd ate like the Dowager Countess during Downton Abbey with tea and Peppermint Milanos and drank like Scandal’s Olivia Pope (albeit in the form of a grape Popsicle in lieu of wine).

It wasn’t easy: Lloyd had to shirk off her distaste of Girls by watching the divisive “Beach House” episode, yet she managed to handle Dunham’s irresolute Brooklyn hipsters. It’s a feat to be admired, so Lloyd’s endeavor will henceforth be referred to in this post as “The Binge.”

It began innocuously enough with a quaint pairing of Chobani yogurt and orange juice for Orange is the New Black‘s episode of “Lesbian Request Denied.” Little does she know that this is the healthiest thing in The Binge.

Consumption of burgers is mandatory for the viewing of Bob’s Burgers, which already won the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program. Lloyd prefers to do some at-home cooking by getting microwaveable Whitecastle duo sliders. Good call—it saves more time to binge.

Lloyd multi-tasks by sneaking in a little bit of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood gameplay in between shows. Don’t blame her, she’s got to get to the A-list.

Three-fourths of her way into The Binge, Lloyd celebrated the American Horror Story: Coven by having a Stevie Nicks Dance Party, per requested by the guide. Like a fatigued Jane Fonda dancing in a depression-era dance-a-thon in They Shoot Horses, Don’t They, she took up the challenge and danced.

Only Mark Ruffalo’s performance in The Normal Heart could illicit so much tissue usage. Cry face emoticon.

And yet, even after The Binge ended, Lloyd still had time to watch some heavy petting in the Scottish Highlands. Now that is one dedicated television fan.

EW reached out to Lloyd for comment, but she’s probably still snoozing off this truly inspiring endeavor.