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If you were surprised by Jeff Daniels’ win for Best Actor in a Drama Series at Sunday’s Emmys, you were in good company: The Newsroom star himself couldn’t believe it either.

“I’ve been nominated a bunch of times — Google it — enough to kind of not lean forward, not hope too much, be glad to be invited to the party,” Daniels said backstage after his win. “There are six of us nominated; there easily could have been 10 other guys that could have been where we are. It’s a really crowded time in television. It’s a great time to be in television. I felt the work stood up to what the other guys are doing, but we’re all doing different things. It’s anybody’s game, really. I was happy to win, but surprised, because it could have been anyone.”

So will there be more Will McAvoy in the future? Daniels tweeted a few weeks ago that the Aaron Sorkin-created series had been picked up for season 3, but HBO has been mum so far.

“We’re gonna come back, we just don’t know when yet,” he clarified. “And they’re trying to work that out with Aaron and when HBO wants to air it. I was about to do ‘Leno,’ so we called HBO going, ‘What’s up? What if it comes up? What do I say?’ And they said, ‘Absolutely say you’re coming back, you just don’t know when.’ So that’s what I tweeted.”

Now, Daniels is off to a completely different job. “We’re gonna party till dawn, and then I’m gonna get on a plane to start shooting Dumb and Dumber 2. The intellectual free-fall: from Will McAvoy to that.”

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