By Tara Fowler
Updated September 18, 2012 at 02:49 PM EDT

In a new promo for this weekend’s Emmy Awards, the amazing Parker Posey portrays a hardcore Emmy Awards acting coach. JA,N — which stands for Just Act, Naturally — teaches actors how to deliver the perfect Emmy speech. It’s not just about the words — it’s about the performance. “The most important part of any actor’s career is the Emmy Awards acceptance speech,” says JA,N.

Activities include learning how to hold an Emmy, how to cry on stage, and how to use a foreign language to your advantage.

“The Emmy acceptance speech is the first time you get to show the world who you really are,” a student says. “Well, not who you really are, but the character JA,N says you should be, and I like that because I don’t like me very much.”

Check out the full promo below:

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