It’s Day 2 of voting for EW’s 5th Annual EWwy Awards, honoring the shows and actors snubbed by the Emmys, and already, a themed has emerged in the comments: That Supporting Actor race is brutal — whether you’re talking drama or comedy.

The comedy nominees are Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, and Aziz Ansari, along with Community‘s Danny Pudi and Donald Glover. (Vote here.) The drama nominees are Fringe‘s John Noble, Boardwalk Empire‘s Michael Pitt, Mad Men‘s John Slattery, The Killing‘s Joel Kinnaman, and Justified‘s Walton Goggins. (Vote here.) Which category is tougher? We’re resisting the urge to type a new poll. Here’s what readers are saying:

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy

“How is it even possible that none of those five actors was nominated? The darkest timeline indeed.” — catie

“Troy against Abed? That’s like choosing which of your children is your favorite. “– Staci Alexander

“I want to vote for all the supporting actors, but ended up going with Nick Offerman. He is Ron F*****g Swanson after all.” — Dominique Lefebvre

“For me it was either Nick Offerman or Danny Pudi. I went with Pudi because I think Abed is a harder character to play than Ron is.” — Johnny

“I’m torn between Danny Pudi, Donald Glover, and Aziz Ansari for Best Snubbed Supporting Actor. Aziz is probably my favorite character on Parks and Rec. I think Danny Pudi edges them out. His fast delivery of lines is impressive, as is his Inspector Spacetime accent.” — Janisjimi27

Best Supporting Actor, Drama

“Your supporting categories are nearly as competitive as the Emmys. I had a really hard time choosing in the supporting actor in a drama category — so many deserving. But I had to stick with John Noble. He’s been robbed each and every year.” — orville1970

“Best supporting actor is such a difficult category… all of these snubbed actors were just so fantastic in their roles. After much deliberation I voted for Michael Pitt. I won’t be watching Boardwalk Empire because he is gone.” — Linstro537

“The Best Supporting Actor category is a tough one! I love Fringe and Mad Men, but Joel Kinnaman is truly spectacular.” — Jenna

“The vote for best supporting actor was a tough one! Walter Goggins, Joel Kinnaman and the guy from Boardwalk Empire [Michael Pitt] were all amazing this year. I’d say give it to all 3.” — Melindaboyd

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