By Mandi Bierly
July 18, 2012 at 04:43 PM EDT

Emmy nominations will be announced tomorrow at 8:40 a.m. ET on, read aloud by Scandal‘s Kerry Washington and Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman. (UPDATE: Due to weather and travel delays, Offerman will not make it to L.A. for the announcement. Emmys host Jimmy Kimmel will join Washington.) Leading up to the deadline for ballots to be returned, spoke with some of the actors and showrunners on our wish list in our Emmy Watch series. But which surprise would make you happiest?

My Top 3:

1. Nick Offerman finally breaks into the Supporting Actor category after four seasons. Besides the fact that he’s deserving and due, I think we’d see him cry if it happens. Exhibit A, from our Emmy Watch conversation with Offerman:

[Exec producer] Mike Schur is such a master of making me cry. When he delivers me personal news like, “You’ve got the job of Ron Swanson,” or when they handed me the script that had the Pyramid of Greatness in it — I read that scene and burst into tears because I can’t believe I’m the lucky bastard on the receiving end of this writing.

Exhibit B from our Emmy Watch conversation with Schur:

I believe I’ve seen him cry several times. Nick is like a writer and showrunner’s dream. First of all, he’s just a wonderful human being. He also is just incredibly grateful for being able to play this role. He’s been a little bit of a square peg in a lot of different round holes. This part was obviously designed for him, and he settled into it immediately. He’s so happy playing the part and being a part of the team that he will just come and hang out in the writers’ room or on the set when he’s not even shooting. That’s a very rare thing anywhere, a person who loves his or her job so much that he or she goes to that job when he or she doesn’t have to. I remember he got very emotional and weepy on the night our series premiere aired because it was suddenly real. Sometimes he’ll call me and leave me a voice mail that’s just two minutes of him telling me happy how he is, and how great he thinks the show is, and how grateful he is to be a part of this. I play them for my wife, who’s also a writer, and she thinks it’s a bit or something. She can’t believe that it’s real, that someone would be that sincere and grateful and humble and emotional. It’s really who he is, and it’s amazing.

2. Justified receives its first Best Drama nomination: After receiving four acting nominations last year (including a win for Margo Martindale), we know the show is on voters’ minds. But  as Justified exec producer Graham Yost told us in his Emmy Watch interview, he’s trying to be realistic:

It would be delightful and we’d be incredibly happy, but I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I don’t think the competition in that category has ever been stiffer. I was talking to friends last night, and without breaking a sweat, you can name five shows that should be on that list: HomelandGame of ThronesBreaking BadMad MenThe Good Wife. That’s just to start. Boardwalk Empire, on down the line, including us and Sons of Anarchy and a bunch of other things. They never announce what show was in the sixth spot. Back when Boomtown didn’t get a nomination, I was told by someone at the Academy, ‘You know, we’re not supposed to talk about this, but suffice it to say you didn’t miss by much.’ So that could happen again.

Why we’re really hoping it makes the cut this year? A little promise costar Walton Goggins made with us in his Emmy Watch interview:

Alright, alright. If the show gets nominated, I will clog for You have my word. I may have to generate my own video. I may have to be in control of the shot and the lighting, but I promise you will have something you can upload to the site.

3. Community‘s Danny Pudi nabs his first nomination. It’s an ensemble show, but for me, he remains its heart.

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