Another year, another headline-grabbing Family Guy Emmy campaign. In 2009, the animated juggernaut tried swaying voters with a threatening overdub of one of its most violent viral moments. In 2010, it cast Peter Griffin as the title character in Precious and told TV Academy members that if they didn’t vote for the show, they were racist. And last year, Seth MacFarlane and co. tried a softer approach, appealing to voters’ sense of fairness and the guilt anyone feels when looking at a sad baby.

But this spring, Family Guy is up to its old, purposefully offensive tricks. Emmy voters received a mailer of the show decorated with the controversial image at left — which boldly invokes old stereotypes about Jewish folks running the entertainment industry from their mansions in western Los Angeles.

As Deadline notes, the inside of the mailer carries another, less inflammatory message: “It’s a secret ballot. You can still tell people you voted for Modern Family.” (Family Guy is once again competing for the Best Comedy Series Emmy, rather than the Best Animated Series award.)

Is this mailer outrageously funny or tastelessly outrageous? Fox had no comment on the matter when contacted by EW — but we’ll find out what voters thought on July 19, when nominations are officially announced

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