By Ken Tucker
Updated June 13, 2011 at 08:32 PM EDT
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How ’bout that Game of Thrones final scene last night? How ’bout the closing-seconds revelation in The Killing last night?

Both shows are barreling toward their season finales as Emmy voters are getting ready to make their nominations, and I’m betting that these two Sunday-night series, along with HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, will be among the few first-season shows that will garner nominations in a few categories.

I can easily imagine Thrones‘ Sean Bean and Boardwalk‘s Steve Buscemi landing on the best-actor list, especially since at least one sure-thing — Breaking Bad — didn’t air any new episodes during the Emmy voting season, and therefore regular presence Bryan Cranston will leave a spot open. (And, really, how many more times can Hugh Laurie get nominated, right?)

It’s also entirely likely that Thrones will be nominated for best drama, although I think The Killing might have a hard time cracking that exalted club. The latter show started out great, but sagged in the middle, and seems to be finishing strong. Is that enough to place it among likely contenders such as Mad Men and The Good Wife? Indeed, purely considering AMC shows only, I’d root for a nomination for my beloved, canceled Rubicon over The Killing. And perhaps you would champion The Walking Dead?

It’s been a slim-pickings year for rookie shows. I doubt, for example, that a single new sitcom will be nominated, and don’t believe that any first-season network comedy deserves to be. Do you disagree with that?

In the days to come, I’ll post my ideal Emmy nomination lists, but for now, what new shows — qualifying between June 2010 to May 2011 — would you nominate for Emmys?

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