By Michael Ausiello
Updated August 30, 2010 at 05:40 AM EDT

For me, the Emmys meant a paid vacation to L.A. and a chance to score as much swag as I could fit into a carry-on. But for the Lost gang, it meant a last chance to say goodbye, to the show and each other. Somehow, though, when I spoke with exec producer Damon Lindelof, Terry O’Quinn, Nestor Carbonell and Jorge Garcia, they managed to hold back the tears. Maybe that’s because O’Quinn distracted himself by playing coy about his bromance with Michael Emerson and their (hush-hush, don’t-say-it-out-loud) hopes to reteam on screen; Carbonell had Peter O’Toole on the brain (let him explain); Garcia was thinking up a lovely message for the haters who dissed the finale; and Lindelof… well, he went back and re-solved “the Walt problem” all over again, then revealed that he blames partner-in-crime Carlton Cuse for… Oh, right. He can tell you himself, and does just that in the video after the jump.

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