By Mandi Bierly
Updated April 07, 2010 at 05:06 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABCAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, the cast of Modern Family is currently deciding how to submit their names for Emmy consideration. Sources tell the trade that four scenarios are being floated:

• all six adults will submit as leads

• all six adults will go supporting

• everyone will go supporting, except Ed O’Neill (Jay), who has the clout (two Golden Globe nominations for Married… With Children) to separate himself

• everyone will go supporting except Ty Burrell (Phil) and Julie Bowen (Claire), who are the “traditional” parents

What do you think? You could look at it two ways: 1) What truly represents the show? 2) What gives them the best chance of being nominated?

To me, having all six go as leads just feels false. So I think we rule that out right now. Eric Stonestreet (Cam) and Sofia Vergara (Gloria) are total scene-stealers (him especially), but they’re definitely supporting. As is Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell). For O’Neill, Burrell, and Bowen, I think you have to play the odds game. The only problem with putting O’Neill and Burrell in supporting is that I don’t see the show getting three nominations in one category, and I really do love Stonestreet. O’Neill has never been nominated for an Emmy, and I feel like he could take home the prize in supporting. He’s funny, but he’s also often the heart of the episode — if only in the final voiceover. It’s just a great, subtler-than-you’d expect character. So, I guess I’m voting for Burrell, and therefore Bowen, to go leading. But then again, there is a certain Alec Baldwin-ness to O’Neill’s performance that could make him a good lead actor category mate, which means Burrell could take home the supporting trophy. Or, they all could go supporting, and we’ll just have to honor Stonestreet in our annual EWwys for the Emmy snubbed.

Head hurting. Must stop thinking.

Your turn. Which strategy would you go with? And which episode do you think they should each submit? Head now throbbing.

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