I got a little choked up watching Neil Patrick Harris be awesome at the Emmys — I guess because back in his Doogie Howser days I had a major, and very real-feeling, crush on him, so it was sorta like if my high school boyfriend suddenly found himself making a room full of Tina Feys and John Hamms and Kevin Bacons laugh. Not to mention that he’s a deserving guy whose career has now survived both child stardom and coming out, while his talent has shone through to be recognized by the industry as a whole, even though the show that’s his day job, How I Met Your Mother, is only a modest hit. Sorry, I’m getting gushy, but this is the ardor NPH inspires. And I wasn’t alone, anyway! Famous people agree with me! One of last year’s five disastrous hosts, Jeff Probst (“This is how you host a show”), and none other than Jon Stewart (“You’re doing such a wonderful job”) were among those who praised him right from the stage. Sure, there were some minor missteps; the Harlem Globetrotter gag wasn’t my favorite (though it’s convenient that the regular-girl contest winner was super hot, huh?) and I thought the running bit where he’d use old, silly credits (“you know him as Photographer No. 5 in …”) when introducing stars got a tad old after a while. But the Dr. Horrible sketch (“buffering …”) added a perfect amount of meta-cool factor, his interview with Jon Cryer after losing to him was genuinely funny, and the opening number was all of the above. Extra points for getting so darn many network names in there.

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