Here are mine. What are yours?

The 3 Best Things About The Emmy Awards

1. Neil Patrick Harris: The very model of a smart, funny host, he was the classiest Emmy host since Johnny Carson, with equally good posture. His “Dr. Horrible” moment, with the stalwart Nathan Fillion, was a high point.

2. John Hodgman as announcer. His articulately daffy commentary on the winners (after a win for the Hugh Jackman-hosted Oscar telecast: “This was the first time a musical number was written for a wolverine”) was excellent dry wit.

3. Bryan Cranston winning for a second year in a row — and he tied with Jessica Lange for the most eloquent speech.

The 3 Worst Worst Things about the Emmy Awards

1. No Emmy for Neil Patrick Harris.

2. The endless, endless boring middle section devoted to awards for reality shows (but: yay, Amazing Race!) and mostly-overrated TV-movies and miniseries.

3. Too many wins for Little Dorrit; none for Generation Kill.

The Most Surprising Moment (a tie)

Matthew Weiner, for equating his show Mad Men with the election of the President (“What a year, first the election and then this”) and for proclaiming himself “the only person in this room with complete creative freedom.” Huh?

And Ken Howard thanking the woman who donated a kidney to him. Nice. (I’m not being sarcastic.)

What were your favorite, and least-favorite, moments?

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