By smohtasham
Updated May 12, 2009 at 05:45 AM EDT

No longer must we live in a world where Stephen Colbert is forced to compete against Barry Manilow for a coveted Emmy Award. Today’s changes to the Emmys’ Variety, Music or Comedy Program categories, separating comedy talk shows and TV specials left me thinking: It’s about time! After all, I’ve never understood why the Television Academy lumped these three genres together in the first place. A nightly series versus a one-time deal? Come on! I’m glad the people in charge finally came around to realize the likes of Jon Stewart shouldn’t be competing against the likes of Sting.

Then again, the decision does have its drawbacks. I mean, if Colbert hadn’t “lost to the Copacabana,” we would have missed out on his unforgettable reaction on live TV only minutes later (watch below!). Not to mention the fact that The Colbert Report went to town and got material out of Colbert’s friendly feud with Manilow for months.

While this adjustment may deprive us of some future comedic moments, I’m still glad it’s happening — these diverse entertainers will have a fairer shot. And you, PopWatchers? Are you pleased with the change? And what other ridiculous groupings do you recall? Try to top this one: Ellen DeGeneres versus Cirque Du Soleil.