Before we put a cork in our 2008 Emmys coverage, we’re gonna do one last item in the hopes that we can help the telecast not suck so hard next year…

Name ONE THING you’d change/introduce to make the ceremony more enjoyable.

Mine, as previously pitched in our live blog: Have the late-night writing staffs nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program pen the patter for the presenters.

(A) The videos they submit for their category — i.e. The Colbert Report‘s, pictured — are always the best part of the show. (B) These people are used to writing jokes for which celebrities are a punchline. (C) Divide the telecast among the five nominees, and that’s really only an extra half-hour of television we’re asking them to script. So I don’t want to hear that they’re “too busy,” especially in a non-election year.

Your turn.

One last pimping of look at our Emmys coverage:

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