By Annie Barrett
Updated September 19, 2008 at 12:00 PM EDT

Change the lame headline, change the lame headline…. No. Not gonna. Hey, all — just a heads-up that you’ll want to be RIGHT HERE at for everything Emmys this weekend. We’ll have lots of lil’ videos from Saturday night’s EW party starting on Sunday morning. Later, as EW staffers report from backstage and in the audience on Twitter, Mandi and Slezak will graciously chain themselves, kicking and screaming, to hours of life-consuming live-blog duty starting with the last hour of E!’s red carpet coverage at 7 p.m. ET. After that, we’ll post our usual backstage report and “Best and Worst Moments” photo gallery (check out the 2007 version for a trip down memory lane), plus a bonus red-carpet fashion awards gallery so you can marvel at L. Yeah (pictured)’s presumable excellent taste, or rip on Jane Krakowski if she decides to wear a new gown inspired by Dippin’ Dotz or any other heavily processed food. (Fingers crossed!) On Monday, come back for plenty of exclusive red carpet videos from Michael Ausiello, plus a PopWatch discussion of the winners and who got snubbed.

Meanwhile, there’s still plenty of time to whoop Ausiello’s ass — in general! — but specifically in EW’s 2008 Emmy Predictions Game. We’ll announce that winner on Monday, as well as the list of winners of the first annual EWwys. And there’s plenty more deliciousness on EW’s comprehensive 2008 Emmys hub. Enjoy!

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