By Amy Ryan
Updated August 13, 2008 at 05:57 PM EDT

How nice that the TV Academy, marking a television season that was truncated while producers spent months deciding whether or not they wanted to pay writers, is honoring memorable lines of TV dialogue at this year’s Emmy ceremony. According to the Hollywood Reporter, various TV personalities will be reciting classic phrases, along the lines of “Good night, John Boy,” or “Live long and prosper.” Let’s hope the list of lines is not etched in stone yet, since I’m sure we all have plenty of suggestions for which lines they should honor, and who should say them, if the original actor isn’t available. For instance, I’d love to hear Ed Asner get up there and recite his own most unforgettable line of TV dialogue: “You have spunk. I hate spunk,” though I’m not sure enough viewers would recognize that one. Also, I’d be tempted to lard the list with quotes from House, since Hugh Laurie (pictured) gets better lines than just about anyone on TV. In fact, let’s just save time and have the ridiculously talented Mr. Laurie recite all the lines, in whichever accent pleases him. But let’s have your suggestions to the Academy below.