You remember how the PopWatch Duel works: We ask two people for their picks on a certain topic. You decide whose list is better by casting avote in the comments section. They try to tell themselves that they don’t care who wins.

In honor of today’s DVD release of Robot Chicken: Star Warswhich just received an A- review in EW and, oh yeah, an Emmy nomination — we asked creators Seth Green (left) and Matthew Senreich (right) to each name The Five Geekiest Pieces of Pop Culture I Own.

It’s on after the jump.

Seth Green

1. The Muppet Show on DVD. I was on location in Canada, up late with insomnia — saw the ad & bought the entire series.

2. Lincoln Hawk action figure (pictured, in a photo Green took himself). From the movie Over The Top the best father-son, borderline homoerotic, arm-wrestling redemption movie.

3. Fred ‘Rerun’ Berry signed photo. Made out to ‘sweet j,’ an inside joke and an amazing item.

4. GI Joe lunchbox. Yes, I have the thermos.

5. Lobby card from Superman. The villians, trapped in the flying glass thingy from the Donner cut of Superman II.

Matthew Senreich

1. Over 100 original Atari games including Ikari Warriors, Warlord, Adventure and that crappy E.T. game.

2. A super signed Buffy the Musical poster.

3. A page of Joe Madureira’s original art to his first contracted work from Marvel Comics in Marvel Comics Presents #89.

4. Every issue of Wizard magazine ever. Specials included.

5. All the original Kenner Star Wars action figures (all of which have been opened). Including the C-3PO carrying case. Plus, eight Master Replica lightsabers including Darth Maul’s.

Okay, who’s the bigger geek (a term of affection)? Seth Green or Matthew Senreich? Vote now!

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