So yeah, a bunch of super-worthy shows got dissed by the Emmy nominations today. (I guess we Friday Night Lights fans should be used to the world inexplicably ignoring the best drama on TV by now.) But here’s some news that cheered me up immensely (h/t): HBO’s Flight of the Conchords was rewarded with not one, but two Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics nods! Honestly, if it were up to me those kooky Kiwis would take all five spots in the category, but I can’t complain when the Emmy deities recognized my absolute favorite Conchords tune, “Inner City Pressure,” along with “The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room).” Since the “Inner City Pressure” clip is now firmly lodged in my brain once again, I’ll use this occasion as an excuse to post it:

Aw, man. “Countin’ coins on the counter of the 7-Eleven / From a quarter past six to a quarter to seven / The manager, Bevin, starts to abuse me / Hey, man, I just want some Muesli!” Such pathos. (The full version from the Conchords’ CD is even better.) Anyone else feeling this? Or would you have nominated another song(s) from the HBO show (or some other series) instead?

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