The Emmys shortlists keep trickling in over at the swashbuckling Gold Derby — here are the 10 baked hams in the running for America’s Next Top Comedy Actress:

Christina Applegate, Samantha Who? (“The Restraining Order”)
Marcia Cross, Desperate Housewives (“Now You Know”)
America Ferrera, Ugly Betty (“Odor in the Court”)
Tina Fey, 30 Rock (“Sandwich Day”)
Anna Friel, Pushing Daisies (“Bitter Sweets”)
Felicity Huffman, Desperate Housewives (“Now I Know, Don’t Be Scared”)
Eva Longoria Parker, Desperate Housewives (“In Buddy’s Eyes”)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, New Adventures of Old Christine (“One and a Half Men”)
Mary-Louise Parker, Weeds (“Bill Sussman”)
Sarah Silverman, The Sarah Silverman Program (“Bored of the Rings”)

Our selected image suggests we care that OMG TERI HATCHER WAS SNUBBED THIS YEAR. Not really. I’m of the opinion that to expect four actresses from the same not-always-hilarious series to get noms just because they’re equally overexposed off-screen and get relatively equal time on-screen, is ludicrous. (And anyhow, isn’t series newcomer Dana Delany’s omission the real shocker?) Anyhow, I’ll be surprised if Huffman, Longoria, and Cross all get nods in lieu of first-time potential nominees Applegate or Silverman, who carry their own shows. Rejoice or disapprove in the comments below, or if you just don’t know what to think about the shortlist and airport security simply refuses let you through with that attitude, follow the fine example in the clip below!

addCredit(“Hatcher: Craig Sjodin; Longoria: Danny Feld”)

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