Now that the Emmy semifinalist lists for Supporting Actors and Actresses in dramas have been leaked, it’s time to vent. First, it’s clear there’s no love lost between Lost and the Emmy voters. Yeah, the cast is huge, but seriously, no room on the shortlist for Terry O’Quinn, who won the statuette last year? None for Henry Ian Cusick (upper left), who had the most emotionally satisfying character arc of season 4? None for Yunjin Kim (lower left), who had the most devastating arc? I’m also bummed that Robert Sean Leonard didn’t get noticed for his heartbreaking turn on House (but then, the Emmys have never given the lead actor prize to Hugh Laurie either, incredibly enough). And like Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil, I’m irked that Friday Night Lights‘ Connie Britton isn’t there, nor January Jones from Mad Men, though her co-star, hot-to-trot office manager Christina Hendricks (lower right), deservingly made the cut. (As O’Neil bluntly puts it: “In: Floozies. Out: Whiny wives with emotional baggage and babies.”)

Actually, what’s in, at least on the actress list, is Emmy royalty, women the Academy seems to recognize reflexively because of their pedigrees, regardless of whether they did extraordinary work this year. I enjoyed Rachel Griffiths on Brothers & Sisters and Jill Clayburgh on Dirty Sexy Money, but I’d toss them both overboard without remorse to get Britton or Kim on this list. There’s some of that on the men’s list, too (Shatner? Again? Really?), but I am happy to see Ted Danson (upper right) here for his chilly turn on Damages; Lost-ies Naveen Andrews and Michael Emerson; John Slattery for his Mad Men boss (and not, thankfully, his Desperate Housewives villain); Blair Underwood for his In Treatment patient (and not, thankfully, for his mysterious mogul on DSM); and Jake Weber for his understanding hubby on Medium. (Did I just see Michael Slezak doing a cartwheel past my office?)

Your turn, TV experts: Who are you pleased to see on these lists? Which of your favorites didn’t make the semifinals? (Hey, where’s cuddly Heroes standout Masi Oka?) And what else of interest do these lists reveal? (I’m glad Burn Notice mom Sharon Gless is in the running, but in the dramatic category? If Monk is a comedy, how is BN a drama?) Have at it, below.

addCredit(“Henry Ian Cusick, Damages: Ted Danson, Lost: Yunjin Kim, Mad Men: Christine Hendricks; Mario Perez, Larry Riley”)

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