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Like Mandi, when I heard that Ryan Seacrest was tapped to host this year’s Emmys, my reaction was something along the lines of “Really? Him?!?” Usually, awards shows are, how do you say, “better” when the host is funny and unpredictable enough to keep me awake between the annual montage o’ death and the bit where the Academy president comes out to blah-blah-blah. You know, folks like Ellen DeGeneres and Jon Stewart and Chris Rock and Conan O’Brien… not Ryan Seacrest, whose brand of humor on American Idol — trading “I’m not gay, you’re gay!” cracks with Simon Cowell — is undoubtedly a thing that makes me die inside. (Thankfully, he told Variety he’s not even attempting an opening monologue.)

But this morning while IM’ing with Slezak, I learned something that softened me toward ol’ Ryan a little. “Since Seacrest’s doing the show,” I asked, “who’s doing the red carpet with Giuliana on E!?” Slezak’s shocking reply: “Seacrest!” Yep, he’s doing BOTH. C’mon — you have to admire that! If nothing else, the man is extremely hard-working, and always has been.

Also hard-working: the team at Did you see our Emmys predictions? Play our comedy and drama bracket games? Read our interviews with early winners Kathy Griffin and Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake? If not, hop to it before Sunday, when there’s even more:

• Our coverage begins at 7 p.m. EDT with Slezak’s live-blog of E!’s pre-show and, an hour later, Fox’s three-hour broadcast of the ceremony — during which, according to this E! Online report, you may see a tribute to The Sopranos by the Jersey Boys cast, a Family Guy song-and-dance number, and a jokey hip-hop-style “showdown” between Kanye West (pictured, right) and Rainn Wilson (left).

• An video crew will tag along with Whitney Pastorek as she talks to folks on the red carpet.

• Adam B. Vary will be backstage at L.A.’s Shrine Auditorium, hanging out with the winners.

• Awards-night vet Gary Susman will pick the best and worst moments of the ceremony for a photo gallery.

• And of course, we’ll be keeping a running tally of the winners as they’re announced.

So… see you Sunday, right?

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