By Amy Ryan
Updated August 03, 2020 at 08:27 PM EDT

I don’t care what y’all say, I’m a big fan of Joan Rivers’ red-carpet work. I love both her pointed barbs and her embarrassing gaffes. (I don’t love her bland daughter Melissa, except when she rolls her eyes at Mom, but I’m willing to put up with her for Joan’s sake.) With the Rivers gals (pictured) no longer doing their shtick for E! or the even the TV Guide Channel (which is replacing them with Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone), I was afraid that I would go through Joan withdrawal this Sunday at the Emmys. Not to worry: Joan’s taking her act to the Web. Over at VH1’s EyeCandy, where they’ve set up a special page, Joan and Melissa will continue to offer live commentary about the red carpet fashions, only they’ll be snarking from the comfort of their own couch, just like the rest of us. It sounds like a worthwhile experiment, not just because the 74-year-old comic is trying her hand for the first time at blogging, vlogging, and podcasting (her first vlog post is here, and it’s not bad; it’s also slightly NSFW), but because not having to lie to celebrities in person about how fabulous they look should be enormously liberating to Joan. I’m sure Rinna and Fatone will do a very nice job, but those of us who don’t want nice now have somewhere else to turn. As for the awards ceremony itself, make sure to check out our own live-blogging of the event.

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