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Carmela Soprano made a bold prediction on last night’s episode of The Sopranos: ”You are not going to hell,” she told her comatose husband, as she poured out her conflicting and raw emotions to the man whose history and fate were entwined with hers. (It was as if, in daring to hope for Tony’s redemption, she might also be redeemed herself for being an accessory to and beneficiary of his crimes.)

Like Carmela, we want to be bold, too, so PopWatch will make this prediction now: Edie Falco won the Best Actress in a TV Drama Series Emmy last night. Sure, the awards won’t be given for another six months, but it’s nearly impossible to imagine that another actress will top Falco’s emotional yet unsentimental performance on last night’s show. Watching Carmela turning on a dime from pride to disappointment and anger with son A.J., or defending her parenting style against Ro’s criticism, or offering alternately tender and steely encouragement to Tony to fight for his life (and their lives together) — you simply had to marvel at Falco’s range and power.

She should start writing her acceptance speech now. Everyone else can just fuhgeddaboutit.

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