Saturday night. L.A.’s Cabana Club, siteof Entertainment Weekly’s 2005 pre-Emmy party.

While there was a lot ofneck-craning going on to catch sight of such guests as Halle Berry, JasonBateman, and Jeff Probst, the conversation pretty much focused on what you’dexpect less than 24 hours before the TV industry’s biggest awards show: Whoshould win? Who will win? And who got robbed of a nomination?

And so,while I sipped Must List Mojitos and mustered up the courage to tell TheComeback’s Paulie G (Lance Barber) how much I love his show — and his performance– I grilled some small-screen favorites for their views on all thingsaward-worthy… and not.

Which person or show absolutely must win an Emmythis year or else your head will explode?

-“If I had to choose, I’d pickthe show [Desperate Housweives] winning over any one person. Obviously,I’d love one of the women to win. Selfishly, I should say Teri [Hatcher], sinceI’m in so many scenes with her, it might make me look good.” –James Denton,Desperate Housewives

-“Huff and Nip/Tuck.” –JillMarie Jones, Girlfriends

-“Jeremy Piven: I think he’s fantasticallyfunny.” –Kelly Monaco, Dancing With the Stars/GeneralHospital

-“I’d like Hugh Laurie to win. And I think Marcia Cross isgreat. I’ve always really liked her.” –Jessalyn Gilsig, Nip/Tuck

-“Terry O’Quinn must win if there’s any justice in this world. He is sounbeliveably talented.” –Greg Grunberg, Alias

“S. Epatha Merkerson for Lackawanna Blues. She’s been on Law & Order for 14years now saying seven lines a week. She didn’t just become a great actorovernight. She deserves it.” –Hill Harper, CSI: NewYork

Who was this year’s biggest nomination snub?

-“I don’tknow who was better in a supporting role in a comedy than Nicollette Sheridan. Ithink I’m being objective. I really don’t understand that at all: How she couldnot be nominated?” –James Denton

-“Chris Meloni from Law & Order:SVU.” –Robert Patrick, The X-Files

-“I do think Eva [Longoria]and Nic [Sheridan]’s day will come. It’s hard for the men [of DesperateHouswewives] because they play supporting roles. But I’d like to see one ofthe men get nominated at some point.’’ –Steven Culp, DesperateHousewives

-“Me! And of course Sarah Chalke, and Judy Reyes, and KenJenkins.” –-John C. McGinley, Scrubs

-“Eva[Longoria]! Hello! I’m stickin’ up for us little girls. We need a voice andwe’ve got to stick together.” –Kelly Monaco

What role from yourcareer is least worthy of an award?

-“I did this cheesy show calledGhost Stories where I played a psycho killer. If that could be burned ina cellar somewhere…” –Tony Hale, Arrested Development

-“I once played abiker named Deke or Turk or something, in the first movie I did, called WarlordsFrom Hell. And I was horrible.’’ — Robert Patrick

-“I was once ‘TheSilhouette Girl’ on The Arsenio Hall Show. I think MC Hammer came on mythird night and was like, ‘What’s up with the white girl with no booty behindthe screen.’ And I was outta there!” –-Andrea Parker, Less Than Perfect

-“I did Highlander 2, with Sean Connery and Chris Lambert down in BuenosAires, and I stunk. I was infatuated with Orson Welles’ filmography at the time,so I wanted to see if I could make my voice as low as his, and I succeeded.Nothing in the text supported that choice, though, so in the film, I look like ajackass. I don’t look like a tough guy, I look like an idiot actor trying to toyaround with his vocal apparatus.” –John C. McGinley

-“Oh God, where doI start? I dunno, the pole-dancing cheerleader in Baseketball. Did I really wantto remind anybody of that? Blink, you’ll miss it, thank God!” –KellyMonaco

Star Jones or Joan Rivers?

-“Is this a pay-per-view match?Star Jones.” –Greg Grunberg

-“I guess Joan. She wouldn’t know me in alineup, but I’m sure she’ll criticize my tux tomorrow.” –John C. McGinley

-“What’s the verb? I’ll just say, ‘Lovely!'” –James Denton

-“To dowhat? Pick between them to do what?” –Hill Harper, CSI: NewYork

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