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Credit: Emmy Statue: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Let’s make a pact, shall we? For the next 72 hours, none of us will talk about anything other than the Emmys. Oh no, not just here on the PopWatch message boards, but in life, people. What do you say? I’m game if you are.

We can start by weighing in on the hateration, holleration, and quoteration of four renowned TV commentators. Yes, they’re all pretty darn good, but only one can be named ”Quote of the Day”:

A) ”Sometimes it takes a role where they go ugly and have major flaws for voters to become sympathetic to them. Eva Longoria should get into some temporarily disfiguring accident, gain a little weight, put on a fat suit. It certainly can’t hurt.” –E! columnist Kristin Veitch, as quoted by Fox News

B) ”The fact that [Everybody Loves Raymond‘s Doris Roberts] may win another Emmy is so aggravating, it steals anger from a reserve still bothered that The West Wing — that flavorless, worked over piece of gum of a show — is nominated as best drama. Standing on the precipice of an apoplectic, vein-bursting fit, vexed again by Emmy voters, it’s almost as if exploding into pink powder is a given.” —Tim Goodman, San Francisco Chronicle

C) ”Who should win [Best Actress in a Comedy]: Paula Abdul for her unbelievable performance on American Idol. Just kidding. The Desperate Housewives cast, because the show is an ensemble effort, not an individual effort.” —Tom Dorsey, The Courier-Journal of Louisville, KY

D) ”When The WB and Sci Fi start getting big Emmy nominations, then you’ll know the members of the television academy are judging everything around the remote equally. Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls again was overlooked as lead actress this year, and the searing drama of Battlestar Galactica hardly seems to have been noticed at all.” —Diane Werts, Newsday

Who’s got the best quote of the bunch? It’s a close call, but I may have to vote for ‘D.’ After all, where the heck is the addictive Battlestar in the nominees’ list anyway? But don’t let me have final say. Make your Emmy opinions heard!

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