Gary Dourdan
Credit: Gary Dourdan: AP

”Emmy Idol” may be the most demented-genius idea yet for spicing up a potentially stodgy awards show. Yes, they’re really going to have a singing competition during Sunday’s awards ceremony, with stars competing by singing various TV theme songs and viewers at home voting via text messaging or online at Veronica Mars‘ Kristen Bell is singing the Fame theme. CSI‘s Gary Dourdan (left) is duetting with ringer Macy Gray on ”Movin’ On Up” from The Jeffersons. William Shatner is also duetting with a pro, opera’s Frederica von Stade, singing the Star Trek theme. And Will & Grace‘s Megan Mullally and Donald Trump will perform the theme from Green Acres.

Who has the inside shot? Bell and Mullally have musical-theater chops and can actually sing, but Mullally will have to hope The Donald can make up in charisma and comic obliviousness what he may lack in unproven singing talent. At least the song fits their personas as TV’s crassest rich folk. I’ve never heard Dourdan sing either, but Gray may be able to carry him, and the song itself is a crowd-pleaser. Shatner’s delivery, of course, is hard to top, but the combo of his eccentricity, von Stade’s classically trained voice, and the largely unfamiliar lyrics (did you know that the Trek theme even had lyrics?) could be an off-putting combination for viewers.

Let’s be totally unfair: Without having heard any of the performances yet, who do you think has the best shot?

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