Put to rest any worries that Arrested Development‘s writers might try to smooth some of the acerbic, ratings-challenged sitcom’s rougher edges in an effort to win a broader audience. Jessica Walter, who’s up for an Emmy for her role as Bluth family matriarch Lucille, spilled some Season 3 spoilers in an interview with New York’s Daily News (cover your ears and sing ”la la la” if you don’t want the surprises ruined) and all we can say is these folks are sick — in the funniest possible way.

Apparently, a planned story arc has Lucille going off her postpartum depression meds, 32 years after giving birth to her unnaturally close son, Buster. ”All kinds of horrible things ensue,” Walter reveals. ”I do, at one point, let my car roll into the lake with Buster in it — like Susan Smith did with her children.” Not that Walter has any reservations wading into such dark comic water. ”You can act out all of your rageful, angry, crazed feelings,” she says. ”Everybody has these feelings and they like to see them acted out.”

Okay, folks, count me in for Arrested‘s Sept. 19 season premiere. Will you be tuning in too, or does this story arc cross your personal threshold for good taste?