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A rip-roaring debut: ''Narnia'' is No. 1

Dave Karger's online-only weekend wrap-up: The fantasy film becomes the second-biggest December opening ever

Potter's a wizard at the box office, with another $20 million

Dave Karger's online-only report: ''Goblet of Fire'' beats out ''Aeon Flux'' and ''Yours, Mine & Ours''

Harry Potter won't need magic to make it to No. 1 again

Dave Karger's online-only prediction: The fourth movie in the ''Potter'' series will claim the top spot, beating out ''Aeon Flux''

Potter grosses more than the top five new films...combined

Dave Karger's only-online report for Thanksgiving weekend: ''Goblet of Fire'' raked in more than $200 million, in only 10 days

New movies are no match for ''Harry''

Dave Karger's online-only prediction for Thanksgiving weekend: ''Goblet of Fire'' will rake in about $80 million, far ahead of ''Rent''

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