WWE Raw Is War

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Has wrestling gotten funnier?
Brutal, yes, but these days WWF's specialty is bringing the funny, says Mike Flaherty
Stephanie McMahon gets the boot
She was once an interesting addition to the WWF, says Mike Flaherty, but not lately
How did Hogan become the WWF's new golden boy?
Mike Flaherty answers that question and suggests what might happen next
Wrestlemania X8: Who will win
Mike Flaherty wishes he were more excited about the Sunday, March 17, event -- but he'll make predictions anyway
The nWo throws its black-and-white weight around
But Mike Flaherty's favorite color will always be red
Why pro wrestling outclasses the Olympics
Mike Flaherty gives 10 reasons ? and we can't tell if he's joking

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It's ''Hollywood'' Hogan vs. The Rock
'Wacky, yes, but Mike Flaherty couldn't be happier at the latest developments for ''Wrestlemania X8''
Triple H leaves Stephanie standing at the altar
But this marital smackdown is just the beginning of some great matches to come, says Mike Flaherty
Triple H rejoins the WWF

His poignant but underwhelming return points up the dangers of hype, says Mike Flaherty