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Julia Louis-Dreyfus's sitcom will return to NBC
After trying a real-time format last season, ''Watching Ellie'' turns to a more traditional set up
''The Daily Show'''s Steve Carell hits prime time
Jon Stewart's doofus sidekick stumbles into stardom with ''Watching Ellie''
Testing: One, Two, Three...
Can Julia Louis-Dreyfus Buck the 'Seinfeld' Cuse with 'Watching Ellie', Her Risky Comeback Sitcom That Just May Be the Ulitmate Show About Nothing?
Here are TV's most anticipated new shows gives you the pros and cons of midseason replacements from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, ''That '70s Show'' creators, Kevin Wlliamson, and more
Can Julia Louis-Dreyfus reverse the ''Seinfeld'' curse?
Read an excerpt of EW's cover story on NBC's experimental ''Watching Ellie''

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