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Walker star Jeff Pierre talks Trey's 'life-changing' decision in season 3
"I think he's still on the fence, but it's something that has been on his mind for a little while since Captain James brought it up for sure," Pierre tells EW of Trey potentially becoming a ranger.
Jared Padalecki promises 'unexpected answers' from Walker season 2 finale
"It's certainly a chance for the Walker family at large to find out some stuff they had wrong, some stuff they had right, and some stuff they weren't even aware of."
Jensen Ackles reveals he almost had a bigger role on Walker than that cameo
The actor, who directed the latest episode, also breaks down those Supernatural Easter eggs.
Jensen Ackles on directing Walker and finally getting to work with the band Kansas
Plus: Check out exclusive photos of Ackles and Jared Padalecki with the group.
Matt Barr to reprise his role as Hoyt Rawlins in Walker prequel series... kind of
Barr played Cordell Walker's best friend Hoyt Rawlins in Walker's first season.

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Walker boss previews the show without Micki, [Spoiler] getting shot
Showrunner Anna Fricke tells EW what fans can expect from the rest of season 2.
A bomb threat interrupts Liam's campaign in Walker sneak peek

The DA's race is heading up — and so is the drama.