Treasure Hunters

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The ''Treasure Hunters'' finale: Luck is key

One team randomly comes up with the combination that leads to millions in gold
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''Treasure Hunters'': Dumb, dumber, and stupider

The Southie Boys continue to rely on pure luck, but no team really deserves to win next week
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''Treasure Hunters'': A comedy of errors

Despite embarrassing spelling mistakes, uneducated guesses, and idiotic arguments, three teams manage to stumble their way to the finale
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''Treasure Hunters'': Sizing up the odds

After the gratifying fall of the Fogals, we take a look at the remaining teams and their chances to win
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''Treasure Hunters'': The series' real mysteries

How can the puzzles be both too easy and too hard? How can one competitor complain so much? And more
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''Treasure Hunters'': How to fix the show

Smarter puzzles! More intra-team tension! An actually human host! We offer some helpful hints
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