Titans (2018 TV series)

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A new Robin rises to fight Brother Blood in Titans final-season trailer
Plus, Connor Kent is looking more Lex Luthor than ever, while Nightwing and Starfire get shunted to an alternate dimension.
Lifelong Teen Titans fan Titus Welliver discusses bringing Lex Luthor to Titans
The veteran actor tells EW about his lifelong love of the DC superheroes and how he put his own take on the iconic supervillain. Plus, what does he think happened at the end of that season 4 premiere?
Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos: Titans season 4 trailer dives back into the occult, reveals Lex Luthor
Raven's iconic catchphrase finally appears on the show as the team heads to Metropolis to tangle with Superman's nemesis and a nefarious cult.
Titans showrunner previews Titus Welliver's arrival as Lex Luthor
It turns out the Bosch star is a huge fan of DC Comics, and barely had to be convinced to play the infamous supervillain.

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