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Watch James Cameron recreate Titanic floating door scene to see if Jack fit with Rose
Cameron and a team of scientists re-staged one of Titanic's final scenes to test the theory that Jack could've survived on the door next to Rose in "dangerous levels of freezing water."
Kate Winslet uses her paddleboarding experience to explain if Jack could've fit on the Titanic door
'Look, all I can tell you is, I do have a decent understanding of water and how it behaves.'
James Cameron conducted forensic analysis to prove Jack's Titanic death: 'He needed to die'
"We have done a scientific study to put this whole thing to rest and drive a stake through its heart once and for all."
James Cameron says Leonardo DiCaprio nearly lost Titanic role because he didn't want to audition
"Every ounce of his entire being is entirely negative right up until I said, 'Action,'" Cameron recalls of DiCaprio's reluctant screen test.

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