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Where Titanic was filmed
Explore the underwater locations, massive sound stages, and high-tech camera tricks behind the biggest movie of the ‘90s.
James Cameron reveals awkward Warren Beatty exchange after controversial Titanic Oscars speech
The Titanic director's acceptance speech rubbed many the wrong way, and he says it led to a cold exchange with Beatty backstage at the 1998 ceremony.
Victor Garber weighs in on Titanic door controversy: 'It's one of those questions I don't understand'
"If that's the way James Cameron wanted to end the movie, he would've," says Garber, who featured as ship designer Thomas Andrews.

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Watch James Cameron recreate Titanic floating door scene to see if Jack fit with Rose
Cameron and a team of scientists re-staged one of Titanic's final scenes to test the theory that Jack could've survived on the door next to Rose in "dangerous levels of freezing water."
James Cameron's dialogue in Titanic is actually great

Why the director's oft-mocked script is the king of its own world.