Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

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''Flightplan'' refuses to depart from the No. 1 spot

The Jodie Foster flick topped the box office for the second week, despite the debut of Joss Whedon's ''Serenity''

Can ''Firefly'' fans make ''Serenity'' No. 1?

Joss Whedon's movie, based on his canceled TV show about a ragtag spaceship crew, hits theaters this weekend -- and will likely make enough dough for No. 1

''Flightplan'' lands at No. 1

The Jodie Foster thriller earns $24.6 million its first weekend, beating out ''Corpse Bride''

''Corpse Bride'' will be in a dead heat with ''Flightplan''

It's Johnny vs. Jodie this weekend, as ''Corpse Bride'' (featuring the voice of Depp) will take on Foster's ''Flightplan''

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