The White Lotus (TV series)

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Adam DiMarco shut down White Lotus costar Theo James' offer to be his wingman in Italy
 "I was just like, 'Theo, you would be the worst wingman ever. I'm not standing next to you ever.'"
Will Sharpe talks The White Lotus season 2 finale ending and those unanswered questions about Ethan
"The show is asking questions about the two relationships and how they operate, and it's asking you what kind of relationship do you think you're in or would you like to be in, and I don't think it's necessarily saying that there's any one right way to be."
Jennifer Coolidge breaks down The White Lotus season 2 finale ending: 'Poor Tanya, she misjudged'
Plus, the Emmy-winning star reveals how her season 2 arc was partially inspired by her own life, what it was like filming those underwater scenes, and more.

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The White Lotus stars break down that WTF ending in episode 5

"People love Game of Thrones for this very reason," Adam DiMarco says.