The Whispers

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The Whispers recap: Game Over
Drill burns. Wes saves. The aliens arrive -- and don't come in peace.
The Whispers recap: Traveller in the Dark
Wes tries to save Minx, while Drill sends the adults scattering — and gains the upper hand.
The Whispers recap: Homesick
When the children who 'played' with Drill get sick, Wes quarantines them—to disastrous results.
The Whispers recap: Darkest Fears
Wes vows to look for Drill, to find Drill, and to kill Drill... until Drill decides to do the same.
The Whispers recap: Broken Child
Sean reunites with Dr. Benavidez to protect Thomas from Drill while the other adults trace Thomas' past to uncover his secret.

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The Whispers recap: A Hollow Man
Claire and Sean's attempt to kill Drill fails, as Lena is forced to take bloody measures to keep Minx safe.
The Whispers recap: Whatever It Takes
Wes and Sean clash as Drill's connection to the mysterious rock is discovered.
The Whispers recap: Collision

Wes meets Harper, Claire traces Sean's footsteps, and Sean and Dr. Benavidez go on a road trip to a nuclear power plant.