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Author mulls lawsuit over ''The Village''

Disney and Shyamalan deny claim that the filmmaker was inspired by Margaret Peterson Haddix's 1995 book ''Running Out of Time''

A trip into M. Night Shyamalan's ''Village''

Can the director's latest, shrouded in secrecy, surprise audiences -- or will it succumb to bad buzz?

Sci-Fi admits lying about Shyamalan special

The network said it falsely claimed that its special on the ''Sixth Sense'' director was unauthorized

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Shyamalan plans ''Village'' simulcast Q&A

The ''Signs'' and ''Sixth Sense'' director will answer moviegoers' questions during a chat beamed to Regal theaters on July 20

Shyamalan will preview ''The Village'' on ABC

Director M. Night Shyamalan will show the trailer for his new chiller alongside the broadcast of ''Sixth Sense''

Ron Howard's kid will star in Shyamalan's next

Bryce Dallas Howard will take the role slated for Kirsten Dunst in the chiller '"The Woods''