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Rebecca Gayheart is charged with manslaughter

Plus, news about Steven Soderbergh, Ben Stiller, Jackie Chan, Courtney Love, U2, Savage Garden, Jay and Mavis Leno, Jamie Kennedy, Jay Mohr, and others

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Jay Leno moves to prime time

The skinny on the late-night king's new show and why it's a sweet deal for the troubled network

Jay Leno: His next move?

He's now the most wanted man in Hollywood. We look at what's at stake if he stays at NBC, and if he jaywalks

Jimmy Fallon claims Conan seat

NBC this month will announce the arrival of ''SNL'' vet when Conan moves to ''Tonight'' -- but what about Jay?

Leno to pay laid-off staff

''Tonight Show'' host had been under fire from strike-affected crew, says the Hollywood Reporter

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Judge rules that Leno may tell Jacko jokes

The subpoenaed comic can't talk about specific topics on which he might be called to testify, but otherwise, it's open season

Tom Green appears drunk on Leno

The stunt-prone comedian deliberately got wasted on Wednesday night's ''Tonight Show''