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''Superbad'': Audiences will be McLovin it

Expect the heavily promoted coming-of-age comedy to open on top, easily beating Kidman and Craig's ''Invasion''

''Rush Hour 3'' to take fast lane to No. 1

Expect the Tucker-Chan reunion to stop ''Bourne'' and far outpace other newcomers ''Stardust'' and ''Daddy Day Camp''

''Simpsons Movie'': Hanging at the wacky premiere

On the yellow carpet, the folks behind Homer and Co. talked about their big-screen debut and their guest-star wish list

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The Simpsons Movie: Inside Homer's Odyssey

After 18 years, theaters will finally echo with the sweet sounds of D'oh! Go behind the scenes with Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the other good citizens of Springfield for an inside look at what better be the Best. Movie. Ever.