The Simple Life 2: Road Trip

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''The Simple Life 2'': Home, off the range
After flashing their badges and driving some cattle, Paris and Nicole zip back to L.A.
''The Simple Life 2'': Silly beauty-parlor games
Still in Texas, Paris and Nicole give a biker an extreme makeover
''Simple Life 2'': Paris and Nicole shag
After a religious family fails to change Paris and Nicole's wicked ways, the girls strike out at a minor-league baseball game
''The Simple Life'': The Texas tanning-parlor massacre
Down on the farm again with a supposedly scary Texas family, Paris and Nicole spin their wheels.
Rerun-heavy CBS wins weekly ratings
Fox's ''Simple Life 2'' remains the biggest hit among new shows

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'Simple Life': Paris and Nicole kiss a lot of frogs
And steal a lot of crawfish, and tart up a 14-year-old, and -- of course! -- do no work, says Nicholas Fonseca
''Simple Life'': Paris and Nicole wreak havoc in Mississippi
The girls + taxidermy-lovin' hosts + mystery sausage = one yummy episode, says Nicholas Fonseca