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'The River': EW review

Hugh Jackman and a fine cast make Jez Butterworth's moody tone poem a fine catch

Will these shows survive?

As the regular season winds down, our experts turn a cold eye on the fates of some big-name series

The River recap: Emmet Cole lives! And totes a shotgun!

Zombies overrun a research station. But in this Walking Dead territory did Emmet become the Amazon's Daryl Dixon? Or end up like Dale?

Handheld movies shake things up at the box office

More than 10 years after ''The Blair Witch Project,'' found-footage movies have become all the rage, thanks to small budgets and big profits. Are handheld films going to eclipse 3-D as Hollywood's favorite obsession?

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At last, we find out what happened to Dr. Emmet Cole after he disappeared up the Amazon.

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Father-daughter bonding time for Lena and her long-missing dad, Russ, is short and miserable. Worst 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day' ever.