The Resident (TV series)

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Emily VanCamp is checking out of The Resident
The Revenge alum has played nurse practitioner Nic Nevin since the show's launch in 2018.
The Resident star Conrad Ricamora on Jake's growing bond with Bell amid heartbreak: 'This is a huge step'
Executive producer Andrew Chapman also dishes on Cain's redemption and Pravesh's love life.
The Resident star Morris Chestnut teases Cain's next move as he faces a rocky road
Executive producer Andrew Chapman also hints that love may be in the cards for Cain as season 4's conclusion nears.
Jane Leeves says she won't leave The Resident if there's a Frasier revival
Leeves and The Resident producer Andrew Chapman also tease possible Voss and Bell love connection.
The Resident star Emily VanCamp breaks down Nic's shocking medical emergency
Series executive producer Andrew Chapman also shares insight into why this needed to happen.

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