The Real World: San Diego

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''Real World'': Here's what the kids learned this season

Um... well... OK, they learned nothing, but they THINK they learned a lot, says Josh Wolk, and that's gotta count for something, right?

Our little Cameran is growing up! (Yeah, right)

And -- surprise! -- new guy Charlie is as self-absorbed as the rest of 'em, says Josh Wolk

Robin and Cameran ditch work

And in other shocking news, producers intercut Jacquese's REAL issues with the princesses' puff piece, says Josh Wolk

The San Diego crew gets a new roomie

But at least this one seems like a decent, regular guy. OMIGOD, the ''Real World''ers will drive him insane, says Josh Wolk

Frankie's back in Kansas, and only Ja is sorry

But who can blame him, what with all the good times... oh, who are we kidding? Thank God, says Josh Wolk

Shocking! Jamie gets screen time!

It was a tale of two moms -- Jamie's and Frankie's, and guess who argued with and screamed at hers? asks Josh Wolk

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Robin wants to marry her boyfriend!

But she was slurring when she said it -- probably not a good sign, says Josh Wolk

These 6 plus Greece equals... foreign drinking!

And on this vacation, Frankie became the ''World'' champeen troublemaker, says Josh Wolk

The gang discovers ''symbolism'' -- how, um, symbolic

And so it's Frankie and Robin, snake and mouse... oh, who can keep track? asks Josh Wolk