The Real World: Philadelphia

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''The Real World'': Hugs and closure in Philly

Just in time for the tearful goodbyes, Landon finds a way to Shavonda's heart, and M.J. learns about tolerance

''The Real World'': M.J. and Landon get closer

After a disastrous visit from girlfriend Ashley, M.J. nurtures his emotional connection with Landon

''The Real World'': Willie's love games

The roomie nobody knew proves to be as selfish as all the others; plus, Karamo manages his anger

''The Real World'': The roomies gang up on Melanie

Everyone agrees that she's too opinionated; plus, Karamo has mood swings in the playground

''The Real World'': What happened in Fiji comes home

Shavonda and Landon continue their vacation romance, and Shavonda stomps all over boyfriend Shaun's broken heart

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''The Real World'': Shavonda and Landon's Fiji fling

The two randy roommates finally get down to some real action, and Karamo gets angry for some reason he can't quite express

''The Real World'': Sexual frustration in Fiji

On the roomies' South Seas holiday, would-be seductress Sarah can't give it away, but Landon and Shavonda get a little closer

''The Real World'': Sarah and M.J.'s failed romances

Horndog Sarah barks up the wrong tree, while M.J. shows what it means to be a Southern gentleman