The Real World: Austin

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''The Real World'': Final fights and farewells
The roomies mark the end of their adventure the way they started it: with a drunken brawl
''The Real World'': Drunk and drunker
Nehemiah gets bailed out of jail after a sausage-related brawl, and Wes gets stupid and belligerent
''The Real World'': Wes uses Jo for sex
The two roommates trick his head groupie; meanwhile, Nehemiah slacks off on his editing job and gets arrested
''The Real World'': The big beach vacation episode
In Costa Rica, Wes pretends to be Prince Harry, and Danny gets jealous of Prince William
''The Real World'': The documentary is screened
With their trip at stake, the housemates race to edit their film in time for its first screening
''The Real World'': Lacey's fighting words
The Goth gossip spends the whole episode trashing Rachel and the other roommates and finally gets called on it

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''The Real World'': All play and no work for Mel
She and on-again boyfriend Danny treat their so-called job with all the respect it deserves
''The Real World'': Lacey's virtual three-way
Johanna ruins her big night with Leo by inviting the voyeur virgin to stay in the room with them
''The Real World'': Back to the bars

His period of mourning over, Danny returns to the house and immediately gets involved in alcohol-fueled nonsense with Melinda and the others